Jennifer Lopez Carpool Karaoke Will Make You Miss Jenny From The Block It’s Hilarious WATCH:


Jenny From The Block, The Friend You Wish You Had!

        Jennifer Lopez, a hardworking proud Latina is the latest victim in James Corden’s “Carpool Karaoke”. Ha, victim! This is brilliant! James invites JLo to reminisce as he’s done before with Adele, Jennifer Hudson and countless others, but leave it to Jennifer to give fashionable tips on how to pose and how to look in a video! It’s all the songs we love and then some. It makes you remember the good ol days when music made you feel something other than high, sex driven, smoked out…its the funny Jennifer we all enjoy and expect, it’s like she’s the friend we will never have, but really wish we did. ..pathetic, I know, but it’s true! Watch the video and tell me she doesn’t make you smile and think; “hmmm, we would be really great friends…” WATCH:

I want more of Jennifer…she should do a reality show and mask it as a Docu-Series like all the Hollywood snoots do! Ha!                         but for real…#SOULdiers what do you think? Would you watch a JLo Reality Show?!


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