Riddle Solution: “A Man Was Murdered In His Office…” Ive Got The Answer


A Man Was Murdered In His Office. ..

There are many things on Facebook that shouldn’t be there. Fight videos, nude photos, pornography, but one thing I wish I saw more of, are these amazing riddles! WHO CREATES THEM?

The world will never know, but they are good. Recently the riddle above has been floating around on Facebook. Being the Wiz that I am, I try most of the Facebook riddles, but this one had me stumped for hours! Yes, Hours!

I couldn’t stop thinking about it I’ve tried many different variables and I just didn’t get the relation with the numbers the calendar the names IT DROVE ME NUTS!!!! Finally, after I let my brain rest, I figured it out! Shout out to whomever made this one, TheBLACKMedia didn’t create it, just recreated the visuals so it looks like something, but damn he/she is good with the riddles I tell ya….

“A Man Was Murdered In His Office…The Suspects are Gerry, Julie, Jason, Nick, and Sophie…The numbers 6,  4,  9,  10,  11 are written on the calendar with blood….WHO IS THE KILLER?” – Creator Unknown 


Normally I dont like spilling the beans, but I understand more than anyone how it feels to just want to know something and not have to wait for it, so to soothe your mind, here is the answer to the riddle CLICK HERE

But dont share it! Just keep it to yourself, and let others find the answer or find this post on their own besides, thats what the riddle is for right?

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