Fantasia New Single “UGLY” A Powerful Mid-Tempo Ballad Tackling True Insecurities LISTEN:


UGLY. ..A Powerful Word Turned Beautiful Message…

     Fantasia released her latest single; “UGLY” and its a great record! A mid-tempo ballad that’s speaking on this idea of UGLY. A terrible word meant to negatively describe something or someone, but its pulled apart souls, and helped aid bullies in bullying. Fantasia, being a Dark Brown Skin Beauty in an industry that speaks negatively or not at all about the beauty of a Dark Skinned Woman, is perfect for this record. I love the approach, it has a country pop soul vibe to it, but the lyrics are modern, its a story focused on Women and people who deal with a lot of Ugly things in their lives. Sometimes our insecurities aren’t on our face, but around us turning the word UGLY away from what it’s normally used as, to describe the way someone looks, to situations being UGLY;

SOULdiers what ya’ll think? Good Right?

:) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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  1. love the song i like country music so this fit right in and it also shows that Fantasia can sing anything…you go girl…yesss

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