Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey Inspiring Journey & Full Circle Moment With Tracee Ellis Ross HERE:

Captured At BLACK GIRLS ROCK, Left to Right Amandla Stenberg, Franchesca Ramsey

When It Comes To Inspiration…She Is It!

     Franchesca “Chescaleigh” Ramsey, you may know her from her viral Youtube video “Shit White Girls Say… To Black Girls”, or her many videos on politics, life, hair, and entertainment. Either way, her story is inspiring. A graphic designer turned Youtube star, actress, influencer, comedian, content curator and writer, Franny is unstoppable, and fearless!

     It was this 360 moment that made me smile harder than a strawberry lover in a fruit field. Back when I was in college, I often watched Youtube videos to get me through my day, and it was this one video that inspired me. It featured one of my favorite actresses, Tracee Ellis Ross, and one of my favorite Youtube sensations, Chescaleigh! I thought, even then, that this duo was brilliant! That was 2013, three years ago! And today, 2016, they meet again, but in a way that is very full circle, and very teachable, during Black Girls Rock!!

     Franchesca, being the pioneer that she is, landed her own TV Show on MTV with MTV decoded and it took off! Viral video after viral video. On the show she talks politics, race, class, gender, you name it she gabs about it and its brilliant. Bringing together races, and opening up discussions about taboo and uncomfortable topics we tend to ignore. In addition to that hit show Franny got hired as a writer on the hit Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Considering the political atmosphere we are in, Franny’s outspoken intelligent activism, matched with Larry’s humor and point of view, I thought this was perfect! Cut to Black Girls Rock and her 360 moment with Tracee Ellis Ross where Franchesca in 2013 went from this:

To This. ..

“No one does it alone and I am no exception. Thank you @Chescaleigh for your friendship, humor, social conscience, humanity and professionalism. You are awesome! You helped to created a safe space for me to lean into something new and do something I have never done with the opening number of @BlackGirlsRock. It was a dream having your support and being able to speak your words. If you all don’t know this woman look her up! Thank you social media for bringing us together. #BlackGirlsRock @BET” Via: Tracee Ellis Ross IG

The lesson to learn here, continue! Continue your dream, continue to work, and continue to be an upstanding citizen of society! Ha! Who uses that line anymore right? But it works, it’s true! Be a good person, speak your mind, stand in your convictions, work towards your dream and never burn bridges. ..unless of course you’re trying to get away from someone…there’s always an exception to the rule…

– 🙂 Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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