La’Porsha Renae Scores Major Record Deal After American Idol Even Though She Didn’t Win:

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A Name You Won’t Forget!

If you haven’t been keeping up with American Idol, like me, you probably don’t know who La’Porsha Renae is. Even though I didn’t watch the final season, I saw one video of this Queen, and was hooked on La’Porsha, never needing to watch American Idol, always needing to see more of La’Porsha! La’Porsha Renae was an American Idol contestant on the final season of American Idol which aired its final episode April 7th 2016. She quickly became a fan favorite with her bold personality, her strong Afrikan heritage, and of course her unbelievably unique voice! A viral sensation, don’t believe me? Look:

Even though La’Porsha did not win American Idol, she did score a major record deal with 19/Big Machine & Motown Records! While it’s not exactly rare that an artist who didn’t win scores a record deal (Jennifer Hudson) what’s amazing about La’Porsha is, who she is, how she sounds, what she looks like…it simply doesn’t exist in the industry right now, but the world wants it! It was her major Fandemonium that helped secure her deal, the fans wanted her! Just wait till her debut album comes out, it’s gonna be one to rival all American Idol winner’s past albums.

Billboard reports La’Porsha Renae;

La’Porsha Renae will also be joining the Universal Music Group family, signing with 19/Big Machine/Motown Records, in partnership with Big Machine. ..’Because of the overwhelming fan demand and success of the farewell season of American Idol, we have made the decision to sign both the winner, Trent Harmon, and runner-up, La’Porsha Renae, to exclusive recording agreements……’ – Big Machine Label Group founder and CEO Scott Brochette.

CLICK HERE FOR Her First Single! 

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82 comments Add yours
  1. We already have a Queen” B. ” Was hoping to hear an original sound and not Beyonce imitation. But i guess if you want the best you have to try to be like the best. Great job!

  2. you earned it La’Porsha Renae, good for you. My husband & I said last night, that you will do well for yourself. wtg

  3. Love loLa’Porscha. Trent would be my second choice they sing good together. I knew someone would sign the La’Porscha thanks can’t wait.

  4. Marisol! lol But I understand what you mean….Very different voices La’Porsha is a Soul Singer a high tier vocalist with a very distinct unique sound…Beyonce has an amazing powerful voice controlled but very light and pop like. I just dont see the comparison, they are both great and in their own lane.

  5. I’m so very glad for laporsha I believe her voice is spectacular n glad she got a deal well deserved I’m very happy for her

  6. La’ Porsche might not have won American Idol, but she won many of her fans hearts, and we are waiting on her to continue to shine in the eyes of many fans. She will shine bright like a diamond, and soar as high as an eagle.

  7. I’m glad she got signed. I’m not too bothered about her not winning because that’s not at all an indication of future success. I don’t know too much about the other guy and I won’t speak on him, but I do know that La’Porsha is crazy amazing.

    I wish her the absolute best success. I know I will do my part by supporting her. We need actual talent like what she has and a true revival of R&B because the mess that’s out there now? Not. Real. Music. Hopefully, she’ll bring it back.

    Congratulations, La’Porsha. No matter how mean, ugly, hateful and racist people are, they really, really, truly cannot hold back what God has blessed. Walk in victory.

  8. Yes she’s a Queen, God has his arms wrapped around her. She’s on her way to the top. She may not have Won on America Idol, but she’s a winner in my eye site. God bless you sweetie.

  9. Im so glad you think beyonce is the best in your world. Unfortunately, not everyone agrees and its refreshing to hear a power house performer like LaPorsha who actually totally won fans over with Rhianna’s song, not beyonce ‘s song, first. We should always be supportive of young raw talent such as LaPorsha. But that is just my opinion that no one else has to agree with.

  10. La, Porsha , has her unique sound. She does not sound anything like Beyonce. She should have been the winner of American Idol title.
    Beyonce is not close to the sound of La, Porsha.

  11. LaPorsha has an amazing spirit, an incredible instrument through which to express it, and great stage presence. I absolutely love every little nap home girl is swaggin. 🙂

  12. There was only one person on that stage last night with an Academy Award, Jennifer Hudson and she did not win either. That’s proof that winning Idol is not always the best for you. La Porscha was going to get a record deal regardless.

  13. I am proud of both of the finalists. But my heart did go out to La’Porsha because she also brought a humbleness to the stage that is so real and genuine. I wish both of them continued success and I will definitely be buying my girl’s album. Believe that

  14. I agree the song didn’t fit her but she fit the song and SANG it!!!! I’m stuck on all the songs she did for the competition!!!! Especially GLORY!!! Lord….phenomenal!!!!! Great job and congratulations!!!!!!

  15. La’Porsha has a sound of her own nothing like anyone else. I knew she would not have any trouble getting a record deal . Congratulations to both her and the idol they both are winners.

  16. La’Porshe is going to sore. Love ve her range and comfort of commanding the stage. Can’t wait to her her first single. Looking forward to her sultry sound hitting the airways

  17. I think this meant that the record company didn’t get who they wanted (La Portia) so they signed her too. I thought La Portia should have won anyway so I am glad she got the contract.

  18. La Porsha has a sound, personality and look that’s ALL her and her alone. She is not an imitator… She is truly unique! And God blessed her to perform on American Idol as a venue to introduce her to the world! And there is more than enough room for another “Queen”!

  19. So happy for her as well as Trent they were both powerful singers. I hope they both score big like kelli,Carri Underwood, vantasia good luck guys.

  20. Yes .i am ready for both trent and la porsha both of them sings perfect.cant wait to buy the cd

  21. I think the show was awesome and it would have been awesomer if they went off with a tie!! Both idols deserved that much recognition. But I’m glad she still got chosen even if it was behind the scenes.

  22. II am very happy to know that both Latash I am very happy to know that both Trent and La”Porsha both gets a record deal for both are great and I voted for both . I love both. GOD is good??

  23. Iknew she would not be the winner,although we all know she is the better singer.But he had to be done just so she could get a better deal.????????

  24. America voted I think that says it,all but of course it is,being turned into a black vs white issue on social media the guy won let him have his 15 minuten . She will do fine as will several of the others on the show. There can only be one winner of the show .

  25. Its not a Race thing, until you made it one, La’Porsha and whomever the other guy is are in two different lanes, she’s Soul he’s Country…let them both live he has his 15 and so does she, but it appears as you said…Amerikka is showing who they are happy for, and it seems more are for Porsha. ..Amerikka has spoken.

  26. I hope she is careful in the music business the truth is never told this music on top singers sell there soul for fame & power and power is money. Remember this the devil,Satan,believe he is God! The evil love to control and La’Porsha you pointed upward and didn’t worship the same God they do if you ever see this post remember and learn about the New World Order illumaniti .

  27. I feel the right person won!!! But I wonder why have a runner up if she is going to get a recording deal too. It’s clear who the chosen one was. Way to go Trent!

  28. Why are you up here congratulating Trent? This post is about LaPorsha…but you’re right, I guess the right one did win, because people like you are going out your way to congratulate Trent on La’Porsha’s ode LMFAOOOOOOOOOOO How sad is that? Shouldn’t you be on Trent’s post? Saying Congratulations to him? Wow…La’Porsha is really winning out here LOL I LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for solidifying her superstardom its people like you who make her great, energy is not created or destroyed only transferred and you just put sooooooooooo much energy into letting us know YOURE MAD about her success which means…SHE’S ON THE RIGHT PATH!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH YES YES YES LA’PORSHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. She reminds me of an Angie Stone with a little of Ms. Patty . I would listen to her while I sip my wine by candle light .

  30. I’m waiting and willing to buy La’Porsche first single album to comes out .She has a beautiful voice and you can see it in her voice that she is a beautiful soul I know she has a story to tell and I want to hear it in her album thank you La’Porsche. God Bless You and Your Baby Girl??

  31. Yes, heaven forbid someone mention the other act from the show she was taking part in. Especially when that is a large part of the article about her.

    Perhaps you should read your own articles before you attempt to laugh at someone. Only making yourself look like a fool there…

  32. This article is about La’Porsha getting a record deal even though she didn’t win, why come here to speak about anything other than La’Porsha? I have no idea who’d do that and waste their time and effort when that energy could be used to support others …LMFAO its laughable …and sad.

  33. She was our favorite from the beginning! I love her story, her humility, and her unbelievable talent! She is a gem for sure!

  34. I just Love Laporsha! She is such a Beautiful Women! I Love her voice! She will go far! Can’t wait to see what God has waiting for her! Go Porsha! Love it!

  35. I am glad she got a record deal too… and although Trent made me cry singing chandelier… I still wanted her to win because she was soooo awesome.. and the person who made the post about the second runner up not supposed to be getting a record deal too was an asshole… just saying. Record deals are for people who have the talent to sell records!!! :::rolls eyes::::

  36. I been following la Porsha day 1 she amazing,wonderful,beautiful young lady who deserves a brake today. She’s my next WORLD IDOL I’m her BIGGs fan and she my NEW. QUEEN of R&B She can’t be touch and somebody better get her. I love her because she can sing anything that you bring because GOD already got this amazing

  37. Would not buy a record not being rude just truthful…why have a competition if you were going to sign her to….I just think and big machine should to yes she can sing but just how many records do you think you can sell of her type of music I bet not as much as you think…the days of Celine Dion….Dion Warwick….Maria karey…which is where she falls is over people don’t listen to that anymore I sure don’t but Trent Harmon I would he can sing any thing….plus I feel for Caleb Johnson was the best man singer to ever come out of America idol and he got no help from the show no wounder he left his contract and didn’t renew it…now Trent is the 2nd
    Best man to come from idol give him the attention he deserves for winning and don’t put porsha above him because the people spoke they love his music more more not hers ok for a competition but not to sell records…

  38. after watching the last season finale I tweeted on her page and on facebook letting her know that in my eyes she was a winner and I also said it won’t be long before somebody snatches her to sign a record deal and I was write but with that being said I want to wish you and your baby and your parents all the luck in the world you were a winner and when they said trent even the judges droped their jaws of disbelief but you go with your bad self and make those records with beautiful voice of your and your elegance as well cause I for one will be buying your music good luck happy for you


  40. Well I’m not a fan sorry I don’t think that it was right to give her a deal your taking away from Trent win

  41. I love your voice. You were the Only reason I watched American Idol. GOD has great plans for your life. Always remember, what GOD has for you, it is for YOU! I wish you and your beautiful daughter the very best.

  42. La Porsha has a beautiful soulful voice I’m happy that you got a record deal and when it comes out I want to buy it. It would be nice to have she and her little girl on the cover of her first CD. I hope for her the best

  43. She deserves it. Like the winner said. She help me win this she push me when I wasn’t sure. She is humble and kind. She move Ppl around her and of course she has the voice of a person that deserves to be heard. Love to hear some originals just for her and like jlo said….I will go to her concerts.

  44. I am so sick of people hating, I wasn’t worry about La porsha not winning because someone were around the corner waiting to sign her. America Idol has always been a popularity show, and everyone knows that. Even the judges. These young people always vote on who they like and not the best singer. Trent was very good and I’m not taking anything from him, but La Porsha was excellence. I bet you she’s getting ready yo fly in a big way.

  45. LaPorsha LaPorsha…..waaay better singer than Trent . Her getting a record deal was UNDENIABLE. I look forward to hearing her fist ALBUM……CONGRATS

  46. Sooo sad . Anyone in their right mind knows that LaPorsha was the better singer. Don’t get me wrong Trent was an okay singer. And yes I liked a couple of his song’s but please believe rhythm and blues…ie SOUL music will NEVER go out of style. LaPorsha will have a hit record and ALBUM it’s UNDENIABLE…..WAKE up to reality

  47. Yes America did vote ???…..this article was about LaPorsha remember….lol . I’m sure Trent has his own page. In my opinion Trent wasn’t the winner. LaPorsha is a much better singer…..just like Jennifer Hudson although she didn’t win American idol she became a much bigger star than the winner. And I’m sure the same will happen for LaPorsha…… you can’t stop Real TALENT

  48. The best ….LOL I Lov Beyonce …..but please don’t get it twisted Beyonce could only wish to have a voice like LaPorsha. LaPorsha is a sistah with dignity… I’m sure we wouldn’t hear her singing DRUNK AND IN LOVE ….LOL LaPorsha is more like Angie Stone or Alesha Keys …you know ….. A REAL SINGERS

  49. LaPortia has range, harmony and such a voice that carries so much energy and emotion……I’m sorry to say but Trent and the other so=called singers were not impressive to me. Their voices were just flat and did not excite the crowd like LaPortia’s. That woman had people in tears. Trent is good for his genre…..LaPortia rocks the crowd in almost all genres. JLo was always for LaPortia and so was Keith Urban. If the judges had the final say, no way Trent would have ever pulled that win off. LaPortia will have a better deal.

  50. Michele this is a La Porsha page not Trent. There are former American Idols that have gotten record deals who did not win the title. She got what she asked GOD for and that’s a record deal. So she has already won big. Trent is good in his own style of music too. This is what gives this whole world flavor. You like what you like and allllllllllllll of La Porsha’s fans love her. GOD BLESS them both. Thanks be to GOD who made both their dreams come true. Personally, I think Amereican Idol told La Porsha before the announcement that she was just offered a record deal. So we think that you both are great and we want to give Trent something too. So you have the record deal and we give Trent the Title. But of course Idol is going to cash in on both of them. As long as I have been following American Idol, I have never heard an audience chant a contestants name like they chanted La Porsha’s name.

  51. What about when Rubin Studdard won American Idol dragged Clay Aikens with him everywhere he went like Clay Aikens was the winner and Rubin Studdard was the runner-up. They was trying to take away from Rubin. I’m not a fan of Clay Aikens.

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