Vanessa Williams Daughter Following Her Mothers Footsteps As “Lion Babe” A Neo-Soul Group:


Like Mother Like Daughter, But. .. Not Really.

     Jillian Hervey, also known as 1/2 of the Neo-Soul group Lion Babe is the daughter of the legendary Vanessa Williams, actress, singer, and the first Afrikan American to be crowned Miss America! She is also the daughter of known industry manager and executive lion-babe-lucas-goodman-theblackmedia-2016producer Ramon Hervey who managed some of the worlds greatest artist like Natalie Cole (RIP), Little Richard, and Babyface. Coming from two parents in the industry, Vanessa being a singer with an internationally successful music career and distinct voice and ability and a father who knows how to put things together, Jillian Lion Babe Hervey gets it honest, but no need to compare the two, Lion Babe is in their own lane.

     Before the HOT97 interview, I had no idea of Lion Babe, which also features Lucas Goodman who is the producer of the group, but after watching videos, I was thoroughly intrigued. No one wants to live in the shadow of their super famous parent(s), and if I hadn’t done research, I would’ve never known she was an heir to royalty. Oddly, it truly doesn’t matter! Lion Babe has set themselves so far apart from what could’ve easily been, “hey guys this is my daughter support her”. The music Lion Babe makes, the themed group reminiscent of the 80s style groups, the look, its different and very modern. brings you Lion Babe:

With a record deal, millions of views online, fans and supporters, Lion Babe looks like they are here to stay! #SOULdiers what do ya’ll think?

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