Jennifer Hudson & James Corden Making “Skip To My Lou” Sound Like A Hit Record & More:


Skip To My London Bridges Aint Neva Sound This Good..Yes, Aint Neva! Ha!

     Jennifer Hudson makes another appearance singing on this hit late night show with James Corden. This time, Jennifer and James, in an effort to “Save money” decided to sing public domain songs. Public Domain songs are basically songs that’ve been around so long and created for public sharing that Tv shows and business’s don’t have to pay anything, or very little to sing it on public network. Well, when I tell you you’re in for a treat! I mean that!

     Not only is this video funny, but it truly shows Jennifer is a staple, a monument in this industry. She is belting out notes that will make even the most arrogant listener of music catch chills. Side Note: James has a great voice, he could possibly have a successful career in music, most white people do especially when they appropriate Black Music, but that’s another story, Go Head James & Jennifer!! Watch:

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