John Legend Stands With Haiti In His “Why Haiti Matters” Video A Donation Match Sponsor:


Celebrities Get A Bad Name For Not “Giving Back”, But When They Do, Is It Noticed?

     John Legend recently added his support to a much needed campaign with a special grant that doubles each donation. Anseye Pou Ayiti: Teach For Haiti helps children in Haiti have a better overall education:

• $25 allows a teacher leader to cover relocation expenses for 1 month, including family visits
• $50 provides a mobile device for our coaches to track achievement results for all our teachers in a customized data application
• $75 provides classroom visits and 1-on-1 coaching with a teacher leader for a month
• $100 covers each teacher leader’s participation in a monthly workshop
• $1,000 is the per-teacher rate for our 4-week summer program with world-class educators

John Legend Stands With Haiti — And So Can You DONATE HERE

#SOULdiers, if you can DONATE it could help tremendously!

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