Tichina Arnold Singing Her Butt Off Auditioning For Shug Avery On Broadway:


Auditioning — No One Likes It — But Its A Must!

     Tichina Arnold, best known as “Pam” on the hit television show, “Martin” recently uploaded a video to Instagram showing us her strong pipes! It seems Pam hasn’t lost her touch! Even on “Martin” Tichina and often Tisha Campbell’s characters “Gina and Pam” would often sing, Tichina and Tisha has kept with it. Tichina shows us just how professionals do it! In an audition for the role of Shug Avery on Broadway Tichina delivers powerful vocals:

Tichina Writes;

Here’s a lil video for your enjoyment of my #Audition tape for the role of #Shug in  #TheColorPuple on #Broadway. I didn’t get the part, but you know how it goes in #ShowBiz .. Just keep going & always do your best. Enjoy & thanks for your well wishes. #Keyboard accompaniment by #Bam – IG

     I wanted to share this with you #SOULdiers because the hustle doesn’t stop. She is TV royalty, hit show after hit show and still has to audition and dream! This message is about dreaming, and when you have a dream, you work towards it and go after it, while she didn’t get the part, she showed us what it means to be consistent and professional no matter what!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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  1. She should have been cast as Evilene in The Wiz Live. She killed it in the Ashanti version. Shut just went to Heather Headley. They should have cast Tichina.

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