Erykah Badu Surprises Newark High School Students At Lunch To Support The Future Project:


Erykah Luh Da Kidz. ..

     Recently the video recorded in 2014 surfaced showing Erykah Badu’s magical surprise that took place at Malcolm X Shabazz high school in Newark, New Jersey. Erykah was invited after signing on as a Dream Director for The Future Project organization whose mission is to;

…work with schools to unlock the limitless potential of every young person in this country.

     Erykah was invited as a guest speaker to Malcolm X to rap to the students, but it was how she surprised them that everyone is gabbing about. Not knowing if the high school students would recognize her, or even know her music and history in life, Erykah said; “Let’s See If They Know Who I Am…” And boy o’ boy, being from Newark NJ and Malcolm X Shabazz being my district public school, which I didn’t attend due to me being accepted into a prestigious private performing arts high school (Arts High School), living up the street from the school, even in 2014 as a grown ass man, I WOULD HAVE RAN DOWN THE STREET AND LOST MY DAMN MIND, just like some of these kids did. While most of the kids probably didn’t know who Erykah was or was probably way too shy to have fun with her, its not about that, its about supporting kids and making sure they can have bright futures. FOCUS on that, and leave the other stuff to the birds:


…Before I was a recording artist, my DREAM or choice occupation was teacher/ educator. 
I left my students at the 
SOUTH DALLAS CULTURAL CENTER in 1995 to pursue my 
“other” DREAM. 

I am helping to bring this project to DALLAS TEXAS. 
I never lost the desire to aid young people in finding the path to their dreams. 
Spread the word,Fam . 
Dream Big. 

Love and Light 


– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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