Debbie Allen Dancing To Rihanna Work Is The Best 6 Secs Of Your Life #DubSmash:


If You Got It, You GOT IT. ..Gone Debbie!

     If you dont know who Debbie Allen is, shame on you! Take this time to google her, but for those lucky ones, Debbie is a hoot! If you frequent her instagram page, you may see some inspiring things! Debbie Allen, now 66 years old a trained professional elite dancer, actress, and super accomplished director was captured on video dancing to Rihanna’s “Work”. Being of the Afrikan ancestry those Afrikan & Caribbean style records will always spark, even the most no rhythm having person of colour, its just rooted in us, and Debbie, being the dancer that she is, just couldn’t help herself;

It was originally posted by Ellen Pompeo who plays Dr. Grey on Greys Anatomy the show that Debbie Allen often directs with the hilarious quote;

Ummm this is my boss…@therealdebbieallen #shondalandproblems #justanotherdayatwerk

It Runs In The Family;

#SOULdiers, don’t you wish when you turn 66 you can get down like this? (Did That Rhyme? Ha!)

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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