D.I.Y: Instagram Now Has An Add & Switch Between Multiple Accounts Feature Did You Know?


I Had No Idea!! Did You?

Instagram quietly added this amazing feature adding and switching between multiple accounts! I have never been that tech-savy even though If you asked my family and friends, they’d disagree, so its not surprising that I had no idea of this amazing new feature. So, I figured, if I didn’t know, maybe my #SOULdiers had no idea too! As a publicist, photographer, singer-songwriter and blogger its crucial for me to sign in and out of multiple instagram accounts, but its so annoying! With this new feature that annoyance changes!

With the new instagram feature available on iPhones and Android phones with the most recent update 7.15. I can add up to 5 instagram accounts and switch back and forth seamlessly without hassle! This is how you can too:

  • Sign into one of your instagram accounts, doesn’t matter which one
  • Go to your home page
  • Click the three dots at the top of the corner, aka, “Options”
  • Scroll down until you see “Add Account”
  • Sign into another account

(As seen in the photo above) After this you’ll notice at the bottom right corner your home button has turned into your display picture and if you press and hold that on an Android phone, you can bring up your other page and switch easily, or on your home page click the top left NAME a drop down menu will appear and switch that way. Either way it’s a perfect change for people like me!

#SOULdiers, isn’t this such a good idea!?

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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