Brandy “Beggin And Pleadin” Music Video Premier On BET A Fitting Ode To The 50s Juke Joints:


An Ode To The Olden Days Juke Joints. ..

     Brandy premiered her viral record “Beggin & Pleadin” music video April 15th on B.E.T. Now if you are a fan, like I am, then you went to B.E.T at 6am like you were told and saw…NOTHING! Ha! Smh someone fire the publicist, anywho the video was actually on B.E.T Soul with a time difference based on what coast you were on, which by the way would’ve been great news I could’ve slept for a bit longer, either way, it was WORTH IT!


     Much like Brandy’s performance on Black Girls Rock, the music video was a clear ode to the 40s 50s and 60s Juke Joint experience where Afrikan Americans would gather at local pubs and get down all night long! Wearing the iconic red sparkled dress that was often seen in Jazz by legends like Billie Holiday and made iconic by Shug Avery, the character from The Color Purple, Brandy hit the nail on the coffin with this video. Perfectly themed, perfect song, great actors and setting, if I had to add anything, I would’ve wanted a clearer storyline with the guy and Brandy maybe a shot or two before of them arguing and then the juke joint scene, but you see for yourself:


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