Sanaa Lathan Can Actually Sing! In The Studio With Detail And Out On The Beach In Her Lonesome:

A Hidden Talent Ms Lathan?

     Actress and executive producer Sanaa Lathan has a hidden talent, singing! While many of you may think she revealed this talent in the hit HBO film “Disappearing Acts”, you’d be wrong. Melky Sedeck, aka Melky Jean is Wyclef Jean’s sister. Melky was the voice, Sanaa lip synced for the purpose of the character in “Disappearing Acts”, which worked out perfectly if you ask me, but Sanaa has a voice!

The Sanna Lathan Foundation

     Sanna Lathan released a record almost 8 months ago titled “Emotional” to support the box office hit she starred in and executive produced titled “The Perfect Guy”. The single, produced by Detail, featured Dej Loaf and Sanaa Lathan not wanting to deal with emotional N-words! Ha! It was dope, and I think if she really wanted to, what with her brother Tendaji being a DJ and Sanaa actually having the chops to do this music thang, she could! To be honest Sanaa Lathan could put out a record 60 mins of silence and i’d fight with someone tooth and nail telling them its art and they don’t understand her voice, but seriously she’s good right? Check her and Def Loaf out;

Sanaa, I know you’re reading this, any more plans for music?

#SOULdiers, what ya’ll think?

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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