Chris Brown Documentary “Welcome To My Life” Trailer | We All Deserve Absolution Even Chris:


Chris Brown Deserve Absolution. ..We All Do!

     Chris Brown just released a trailer for his documentary titled; “Welcome To My Life”. A title that speaks volumes, as many people think they know about his life, but they truly don’t. The title suggests that the documentary will be an invitation inside of Chris Brown’s life, a life we never see, the real life, not the tabloids, concerts and rock star trend that the media stimulates, but his life as a regular man. Chris Brown talks Rihanna and how he felt like a “monster”, his dreams and more;

     The documentary/feature film coming soon features stars like; Usher, Jamie Foxx, Jennifer Lopez, Mary J Blige, Mike Tyson, Terrance J, Rita Ora, and Dj Khaled giving their testimony’s, experiences, and visions about Chris Brown, unfiltered. The idea of absolution came up when I saw this. It seems Chris Brown is always apologizing for abusing Rihanna, and being a teen in the spot light and being reckless at times. Everyone on Earth gets absolution from God, and deserves it. Why is Chris always persecuted in the media? Is it because he’s Black? We’ve seen it time and time again with people like Allen Iverson, Bill Cosby, and the list goes on. Or is it because we just can’t get passed the abuse? Either way, Chris Brown deserves absolution, and if he has become a better person, paid his debt to society, and “grew up”, then why not?

#SOULdiers what do you think? Does he deserve Absolution?

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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