Harriet Tubman Replaces Slave Owner Andrew Jackson On The 20 Dollar Bill FREAKING HISTORIC!



     Harriet Tubman replaces slave owner Andrew Jackson on the 20 dollar bill! Harriet Tubman, a pioneer woman, a leader in the Afrikan community here in Amerikkka, freed hundreds, maybe even thousands of slaves. She herself was a slave, before escaping from slavery only to turn back around and free other slaves who were captured using a system called “The Underground Railroad”. The underground rail road, which, by its name, you’d assume was underground, but its actually a symbol that used music and song, and various ways to “Wade In The Water” and escape slavery. While there were some underground escapes noted by various Afrikan historians, most of her escapes were above ground, by foot. She is noted as;

an Afirkan bondwoman who escaped from slavery in the South to become a leading abolitionist before the American Civil War. She was born in Maryland in 1820, and successfully escaped in 1849. Yet she returned many times to rescue both family members and non-relatives from the plantation system…Bio

According to the Times;

…The new designs, from the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, would be made public in 2020 in time for the centennial of woman’s suffrage and the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. None of the bills, including a new $5 note, would reach circulation until the next decade….

According To NPR; [update: 6:29pm 4.20.16]


     Now this, pisses me off. So Harriet will replace Andrew only on the front, but he, a slave owner, will share a space with a captured slave who escaped from slavery on the same bill? This is some bullshit!!!!! How dare they!? How is this fixing, helping or showing Amerikka anything other than, “ha ha you thought you had one, but not really”. If we had to deal with his face on the bill and no one else on the back for years, why can’t Harriet just have her time? Why can’t Afrikan Americans ever have anything in Amerikkka without some racist slave owning white man benefiting from us? I was Happy, but now….

What A Day To Be Happy Pissed Right #SOULdiers? Watch below to learn more about Harriet Tubman!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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