The New Edition Movie Coming 2017 Stars EMPIRES Yazz Bryshere, Luke James, Elijah Kelley & More:


The Movie Biopic Event Of 2017!

     Recently B.E.T announced its upcoming tv shows, reality shows, and originals and one of the major announcements was the social media titled; New Edition: The Movie! While an actual title hasn’t be settled on yet, it works for us! Chairmen and C.E.O Debra Lee states;

“We have developed a deep and authentic relationship with our audience over the last 36 years, and it is that genuine connection that has allowed BET to expand into a global multiplatform brand. This year, we are committed to reaching far beyond the television screen and continuing to deliver more of the premium content that our audiences have come to expect,”

     The biopic, which is going to be a 3-part-mini-series is co-produced by all of the New Edition members so that authenticity remains. Much like the TLC biopic, which was a smash hit on VH1, the movie will feature a coming of age story of struggles, being signed, money, women, you name it, its going to be in the movie! The stars of the film include: Luke James as Johnny Gill, Elijah Kelley as Ricky BellKeith Powers as Ronnie DeVoe, Woody McClain as Bobby Brown, and Algie Smith as Ralph Tresvant. Chris Robinson, who also directed “ATL” will direct this biopic and it’s set to air in 2017 on B.E.T and Centric!

New Edition Statement;

“It’s been a long time coming and that time is finally here! Now that we have signed the deal, New Edition’s journey will be captured in a three night miniseries to tell our life story through our very own eyes. We are happy to have New Edition Enterprises collaborate with BET Networks’ Debra Lee and Stephen Hill along with Jesse Collins Entertainment. From our beginning in the Orchard Park Projects in Boston to Hollywood and everything in between, just like The Temptations and The Jackson Five—we are ready to retrace our footsteps and show everyone how we got here. For the fans all over the world, this one’s for you,”


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  1. Hello,

    My son and I attended an open call for the New Edition Biopic in Boston. He received a call back and they seemed very impressed with his performance. They mentioned that we would hear from the production company. It’s very disappointing to read that you’ve selected cast members. Thank you!

  2. Hello, Wonder, this is a blogsite, we do not select cast members and we are not of the production team of the movie. I have no affiliations with them, I simply, Like CNN, report the News. Sorry to hear that tho, Im an Actor too…it happens to us all.

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