Prince Passes Away At 57 Years Old (Rest In Peace) (Rest With Jesus) More Info Here:


It’s A Sad Day For All Singer-Songwriters And Listeners/Lovers Of PRINCE

CNN Reported this afternoon, April 21st that the superstar singer-songwriter Prince, has passed away. CNN Reports;

“It is with profound sadness that I am confirming that the legendary, iconic performer, Prince Rogers Nelson, has died at his Paisley Park residence this morning at the age of 57,” said Yvette Noel-Schure.

There’s no News yet on how Prince has passed, that information has yet to be released. Reports say that Prince, earlier this month, wasn’t feeling well. Recently there was an emergency landing, and also some canceled concerts, but Prince pushed through. #SOULdiers, it’s with DEEP sadness that I have to bring this to you, but Prince was one of my favorites. Prince inspired me, even as a child born in the 90s years after his huge success. His style, controversy, expression to be himself, his plight for the Afrikan American race, his unapologetic lovableness and his MUSIC lives in me, and will go on forever.

It’s speculated that Prince may have passed from “flu-like” symptoms, pneumonia, or some sort of weakened immune system. More on how Princed passed as the news becomes official and available.

Every One Is Feeling The Sadness Over 2million Trending/Talking:

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President Obama Even Weighed In

Screen Shot 2016-04-21 at 4.41.10 PM

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  1. I used to have a poster of Prince in the late 70’s on my wall. He made me realize his genius with Soft and Wet. I always knew his was going to be famous just by staring at his picture. Went to see him in the 70’s in Chicago and while he was singing on stage he turned around and said do you all like my a$$. This man was sent by Mr.God for the betterment of the world and how smart are they both. We are blessed to have witnessed him in our time and space but oops genius knows no time and space it transcends all.

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