D.I.Y: Spotify Embed On WordPress – How To Center Spotify In Your Post


How To Center Your Spotify Embed

Sometimes simply clicking the ‘Align Center’ button atop the toolbar toggle doesn’t always work, especially for embeds like Spotify and Twitter. If you’re a WordPress.com user, you’d know this. Sometimes you have to take an extra step to ensure better looking post. Who wants a post where aesthetically everything looks great, but your embed is throwing off the entire post? No One! So Here’s the solution.

Spotify Embed:

  1. Open The Spotify Artist, Song, or Album You Want To Embed In A New Tab
  2. Find This Drop Down Menu Three Dots Look For Copy Spotify URL
  3. Return To Your Post Find The Section Of Your Article That You Wish To Place The Embed
  4. Click In Your Post at The Top Right Corner TEXT
  5. Remember Where You Want Your Embed To Go, Make Sure In TEXT You’re On An Empty Line
  6. Copy & Paste or Type This In Where You Want Spotify To Go:                                                                                                [ spotify “YOUR URL GOES HERE” align= ‘center’ ] No spaces after [ opening, or ] closing.
  7. Return To Your Opened Spotify Tab Since You Know Where The Three Dots Are, Return There, And Copy Spotify URL of your Song, Artist, or Album
  8. Return To Your Post In TEXT And Replace “YOUR URL GOES HERE” with The Url From Spotify That You Copied
  9. Return To Visual To See What You’ve Just Done, It Should Look Something Like This;                                                                   [ spotify https://play.spotify.com/album/3r81oXilfKxkmJwxxBxmid align= ‘center’ ]
  10. Update Or Publish Your Post And Bam! Adjust Accordingly If Need Be.

The reason I say to do it in TEXT is because it insures your embed will be centered. Sometimes doing things like this in VISUAL, don’t always work, but if you’d like you can follow those same steps and just replace TEXT with VISUAL and it should work as well, but to be on the safe side, and if it doesn’t work in VISUAL simply use TEXT and it will work. If you have any questions leave a comment and i’ll answer you as quickly as possible. Thanks for reading, check out visual examples below!



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