#JUSTICE Family Of Tamir Rice Wins 6Million Dollar Settlement Two Years After His Murder


Money Isn’t Everything, But It Helps. ..

     Tamir Rice’s murder will not be in vain. The family of Tamir Rice will receive a 6million dollar settlement from the City Of Cleveland. Tamir Rice was murdered at the hands of a white cop who feared the 12 year old boy partially because he was B.L.A.C.K and partly because of “confusion”. Tamir Rice was seen Nov 22nd 2014, outside the Cudell recreational center playing with a toy gun with playful pellets, which is what most boys do at 12 white, black, whatever, you ever play cops and robbers? A white cop shot and killed him after receiving a call from the dispatcher USA Today reports;

“Timothy Loehmann and his training officer, Frank Garmback, responded to a report about a man with a gun near a recreation center. A dispatcher did not tell them the caller thought it was probably a child with a fake gun.

Tamir likely meant to show the officers his gun was a toy that shot plastic pellets, but there was no way the officers could have known that when they confronted him on a snowy day in November 2014, Cuyahoga County Prosecutor Timothy McGinty said. He said the dispatcher’s failure to provide the information about the “fake gun” was key to the case.”

While that sounds nice, I wonder if the cop would’ve been so hasty to shoot a white kid playing with a gun. Interestingly enough, little 12 year old Black Boys do not have a history of shooting and killing, but little white boys do, and now, because of prejudice and this racist system, another Brown boy is dead. Hopefully the settlement helps the family tremendously;

“The estate of Tamir Rice will receive $5.5 million. The other two plaintiffs listed on the case, the boy’s mother Samaria Rice and someone identified as T.R., will each receive $250,000.”

#SOULdiers just be careful being B.L.A.C.K In these streets,
apparently oops are ok when it comes to killing people…of colour smh

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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