Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Confirms “JUMANJi” Remake Is On Its Way Possibly Feat. Kevin Hart

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A Cult-Classic Remake With This Technology?

     The Rock confirms on instagram that he will be starring in the Jumanji remake! This is EPIC! Jumanji was made a classic by the late, great, Robin Williams. It was released in 1995, and the graphics and budget for that film took film making to another level. With the industry being in a state of un-oringinality making very few original screenplays-non-remakes, this is one I’m actually excited about. Considering the original Jumanji, Robin Williams innocence, body type, humor, and overall look added so much to the appeal of what was happening in the film. I will be interesting to see a very buff, and fit character, The Rock, portray the same role, which I hope if the rumor is true, Kevin Hart would play that role and The Rock can play a different role. Either way, I’m super excited the movie is coming back, id love to be casted in this movie!


Sony is getting closer to rebooting a Robin Williams classic with two of the busiest actors in town…..Sources tell Variety Dwayne Johnson and Kevin Hart are in early talks to star in Sony’s “Jumanji,” a new adaptation of Chris Van Allsburg’s original 1981 adventure book…..Schedules are still being worked out, as both Johnson and Hart have heavy production loads ahead, but insiders say things are moving toward a deal….Johnson has an opening this fall with his New Line pic “Rampage” possibly shifting to 2017. The plan would be to shoot “Jumanji” before the third season of his HBO series “Ballers.” Johnson will also shoot “Fast 8” this summer, reprising his role of Agent Hobbs.”

Considering the technology of today, a Jumanji remake is something that will seriously change the game, I mean look at what they did with Jungle Book, #SOULdiers, are we going  to see this?

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