Stream Alicia Keys New Single “In Common” A Perfect Return To Rhythm & Blues


The Hells Kitchen Queen Is Back!

     Alicia Keys returns to music with “In Common” serving as her first single ahead of her major performance on SNL this coming May 7th. With an Earthy new look showing us what seems to be a makeup-less Alicia, sporting door knockas, and a head wrap, “In Common” is setting the tone for what will hopefully be the quality music listeners are feigning for. Beyonce recently started a movement un-apollegticaly being an artist by showing us pain, passion, politics, and B.L.A.C.Kness! While Alicia Keys has always done that, I hope the album to follow lends itself to more of the latter, that way its two Queens at the top of their game shouting; “Hey, We’re Artist, Put Some RespecK On Our Sh**”. Obviously to the intellect there was no comparison between the two only a hope of continuation in this movement of B.L.A.C.Kness. While Alicia Keys is also of white decent, its not her white side that’s suffering, its her Afrikan side that white supremacist care about.

     Alicia Key’s “In Common” is a new age R&B sound with Caribbean, EDM, and House influences. A true, based on lyric and music, ode to Rhythm and Blues. I absolutely love the record, but if I had one bad thing to say about it is, if you’re going to go Caribbean pump up the sound add live instruments and really take it there…maybe the live performance will incorporate that, it slightly lacks in excitement when the chorus speeds up with; “who wants to love somebody like me…” However, Its lyrically sound and presents a conversation between two people that anyone can identify with;

“We’ve got way too much In Common…If Im being honest, with you…Who wants to love somebody like me? You wanna love somebody like me, if you can love somebody like me you must be messed up too”

Honest lyrics, musically sound, that vibe that makes you move in spirit and memory its a great comeback Listen:

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