Hysterical Brandy, Jenifer Lewis, And Roz Ryan Singing “In These Streets” The UnFuckWitAbles


I CANT!     

     Brandy, actress Jenifer Lewis and actress Roz Ryan sing “In These Streets” a video of unity! “I dont want no body fucking with me in these streets!!!” Its hilarious! TheBLACKMedia coins the group; The UnFuckWitAbles! Hopefully they accept the name, ha! Brandy posted this to her instagram along with the video, but we enhanced it to make it pop;

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#AboutLastNight ?That moment when I teach #MommaRoz ( @rlunaryan ) and #AuntieJenifer ( @jeniferlewis4real ) the phrase #InTheseStreets and they wanna make up a song about it… #LikeToHearItHereItGo My two favorites EVER!!!!!!! —–“

#SOULdiers, wasn’t this hilarious?!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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