HILARIOUS! Tamera Mowry Titles Her Fantasy Adult Film On The Real Talk Show Endearing Yet Funny


Try NOT To Blush!

Tamera Mowry names her fantasy adult film today on her talk show The Real. Tamera, married, a sweet christian woman with strong values, a loaded career, children, and respect beyond her years. While having a healthy discussion about marriage, sex, and sexuality, Tamera expressed her thoughts on spicing things up a bit. When asked about watching adult films she said she rather watch her own and no one else’s. Which makes sense if you ask me. If you’re in love or married, why watch someone else have sex when you can make a tape safely in your own home and watch you and your lover get it on?

      Shocked, as many were and as you probably are, Tamera expressed her and husband Adam Housley have actually made an adult film tape in which she watched it and didn’t really enjoy it, but it was when she was asked by Jeanie Mai what would she name the film that things truly got hilarious, uncomfortable, but endearing all at the same damn time;

#SOULdiers, It’s Important To Have Healthy Discussions About Sex and Even more then that, Its important to let go once in a way and say or do something freeing. So, What Would Your Film Be Called?!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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