Alicia Keys “In Common” Music Video Is Black And White Artistry At Its Best Its UNITY


As Black And White Videos Go…This Is Top Notch!

Alicia Keys “In Common” music video dropped May 20th to what we are considering one of Alicia Keys most artistically pure moments in her career! Black and White videos are the common thing now-a-days if artist want to seem more “serious” or be taken seriously, but they can often fail on the excitement factor when its done. In Alicia Key’s case, this music video is artistic gold! While watching I was more than excited to see fellow photographer, and artist a dancer I met whilst in college Stephanie Crousillat an amazing artist who shined with her buzzed hair cut and lyrical dance moves.

Alicia Keys knows what’s she’s doing! The song is so wide and open that it can apply to anybody and that’s exactly what the video embodies. Gay, straight, hip hop, lyrical, Black, white, colourless this video is the definition of acceptance and unity, a must see;

#SOULdiers, Thoughts?

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