Fantasia New Single “Sleeping With The One I Love” Is A Powerful RockSoul Masterpiece


Rock Soul Perfection!

Fantasia’s new single “Sleeping With The One I Love” is powerful, musically, lyrically, and vocally! Its perfection! It reminds you of the 50s and 60s soul music with the big bands and the excitement that has simply left music in todays days. This is the kind of music I strive to create, to exist around, and live by. The lyrics are honest and reaching. It’s a story in the song, without seeing visuals, you see them, you feel them. Whether you agree with the lyrics or not you still cannot get passed this record. Its making me type so fast because I’m listening while writing about it and its making me so excited and amped up! Its Electrifying! TRY TO TURN IT OFF…YOU CANT! Its amazing.

Fantasia has been hinting on her new sound, Rock Soul for a minute, and Ive slightly heard it here and there, but this, this is what I wanted from Fanny for a long time and she delivered. Its a play on your mind, you think the record is about one thing, but its about something completely different. I can’t spoil it for you though, it’d ruin the passion, but this song is Grammy Worthy! Dont believe me? Listen;

#SOULdiers, Am I right or Is Im Right?! Ha!

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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