[Video] Tamar Braxton Tearfully Explaining Why The Real Talk Show “Fired Her”


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     Tamar Braxton let it all out on WETV’s Braxton Family Values Season 5 episode 3. She holds nothing back explaining why she was ‘basically fired’ from The Real Talk Show. Grammy Award Winning Sister Toni Braxton was right there by her side to comfort Tamar through her shock and dismay. While many who’ve speculated Tamar may have been fired for misconduct, being “too arrogant”, “child-like” and “bossy”, I say, forget what you may feel, and what you may think, just for one second! Think about this, if firing her was “the lesson” you feel she needed, then she got it. Adding negativity to someone already hurting and upset is pure evil. Sending negative comments to her via IG and Twitter, to me via my Facebook page and asking me why I’m writing about her will do nothing! TheBLACKMedia does not report on Gossip, Rumors and lies, we don’t mind waiting to hear the truth from each party involved, and this is the plain truth from Tamars side.

I sympathize with the hurt, and while I am no Tamartian by no stretch of the imagination, I respect Tamar Braxton so much that I can at least give her the benefit of the doubt. And as a singer-songwriter she is IT, her last two albums are consistently played in my home. Not only that, but I love and respect God more than anyone and if God thought his/her child was not deserving of the gifts given, then let God handle that. Do you really think writing nasty things towards Tamar and sharing it on social media helps anyone? Helps You?! No, it doesn’t! And from the clip below, all I could see was confusion and dismay and watching that doesn’t make me say “That’s what you get bitch!”, like some of you Tweeting, instead I feel for her and can only wish her the best.

In the clip Tamar reveals she was told by a producer that she was being let go because she was not getting along with the co-host, the producers at the show, and wasn’t a good fit. In entertainment, there are millions of reasons why companies will let go of “Talent” many of those reasons are never shared and its chalked up to being “the industry”, “its just business”, but too many of us coward and create other reasons that may not have anything to do with the initial reason as to why we are being let go. Many may say, she/he was too difficult, which if you ask anybody to explain that, most can’t, or in Tamar’s case maybe, just maybe saying Tamar didn’t get along with her Co-Host was a way to coward out of a situation and keep the truth from Ms. Braxton. Let’s face it, Tamar and the rest of the co-host Tamera, Adrienne, Loni, and Jeanie all said Tamar was their friend, they love her and more publicly, so how is she not getting along with them? Maybe one of the co-host said something to a producer once or twice, but not in the way that means kick her off the show…or maybe they did, who knows, stop the rumors. The staff there may have a different rapport with Tamar, but unless she was coming in there every single day snapping, hissing, fighting, pulling and scratching is what she did enough to be fired? I don’t know, but what I do know is, something aint right. How would you feel if it was you? Some of you are screaming as if she killed someone and got off like Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin, relax, put yourself in her shoes and stop being so damn evil!

Tamar Braxton went on The Steve Harvey Morning show and further explained why she was let go, which you can listen to that here. The clip from WETV is emotional and for the Tamaritans out there, be easy, your girl is good!

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 (Please excuse the lack of professional writing in this particular post, I’m heated writing this because so many people are being disrespectful to me for even mentioning Tamar, which I dont understand).

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  1. God will prepare you ahead of time for the adventures within the blessing, that he’s about to bestow upon you. His blessings come in bundles, as we Embark upon tomorrow of which we have not yet to see we will be released into the sea of ever loving kindness, and any other transparency of which I call, The Grove. Bless you honey. This is only the beginning.

  2. God will take care of Tamar. I would like to say that life has lessons as well as blessings. As African American ladies we can be very passionate and emotional which often gets interpreted as “a bad attitude”. Tamar and my Ladies out there I hope this helps. One Morning recently I was watching The Real, which I don’t do very often. I’m in a meeting Monday-Tru-Friday at 8:30am and work until 5:00pm most days. On this day I was home and noticed something was wrong as the ladies were coming-out. I said to my husband something is wrong with Tamar Braxton today. PLEASE KNOW THAT IM NOT WRITTING TO BE HARMFUL BUT WRITTING TO BE HELPFUL, not just to Tamar but to all the beautiful ladies of color. On this day Tamar appeared visibly angry, she walked-out with Lonni-love holding her hand half the way out. As Tamar sat down it appeared that she was upset with Adrienne Bailon as she looked to her left frequently but with “what appeared to be” anger. She could have been looking at Jeannie Mai, but it didn’t appear to be Jeannie. I viewed what I thought the camera was picking-up. Ladies when we reach a certain status within our professions we must remain poised and professional at all times beceause we have already been labeled as otherwise. What others may be able to do in our work place we cannot! A few days or so after I saw this on the show a local radio personality had a topic that “Tamar is being fired”, I couldn’t believe it, did I see what I thought I saw. Tamar Braxton maybe I’m wrong but it appeared that you were upset, throwing shade to your left, eyes with daggers and a little rolling of the eyes and no smile until it was time for Tamar to speak. (I’m told that I have a gift of reading people and situations I CALL IT DISCERMENT). OFFENSES WILL HAPPEN LADIES LET US STAY POSITIVE AND KNOW THAT WHATEVER THE OFFENSE IT TOO SHALL PASS. I’m also a work in progress, I depend on God and focus on the fruits of the spirit to get through my emotionally challenging days.

  3. I was so hurt to see Tamar cry, She is so strong as well as talented. I wish She hadn’t been fired from the Real because I believe She brought more Fun and Intetest to the Show. People that shared negativity or are treating Her bad are very similar to what I experience. The fact is people unfairly and wrongfully dislike what they don’t understand instead of enjoying diversity and creativity, that’s why God is Awesome He made People like Tamar Awesome and People should understand that’s a good thing; and that’s why God has the final say He Is An Awesome God, and It Gets Better! Tamar don’t cry another moment You Have and Will continue to Accomplish a lot More, that close door was for Another Great Door Opening! Awesome Support for Your Sister Toni Braxton-A Great Example of a Great Artist. I Love Your Entire Family. I pray People no longer be jealous but be thankful to the Lord for He does great for Your Family and Anyone-else that Believes! ???


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