Michelle Obama CCNY Commencement Speech “I Wake Up In A House…Built By Slaves”

First Lady Michelle Obama speaks to members of the class of 2016 in her final commencement speech as first lady, Friday June 3, 2016, during commencement at CCNY in New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Powerful Speech.

     First Lady Michelle Obama gave a powerful commencement speech at City College of New York June 3rd 2016. Over 3000 people attended this momentous occasion and over 3000 people cheered when the First Lady leveled with the people. By helping the graduates understand that she completely understands their journey because of her own journey and understanding of life. Without the undertone of oppression Michelle Obama was able to make a point about race indifference and strike it with inspiration stating;

“its fair to say our founding fathers never could’ve  imagined this day”.

Impressing upon the graduates that anything is possible no matter what the adversity. It was perfection! Watch;

Michelle Obama delivered a similar powerful speech during the DNC;

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  1. The vision continues through the next generation. Realize the vision and build upon it.

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