Hilarious President Barack Obama “Slow Jams The News” “Daddy’s Got A Hawaiian Vacation Booked”


Love My President

President Barack Obama made history being the first sitting President on The Tonight Show. President Barack Obama joined Jimmy Fallon in a hilarious explanation of “the news”. It was basically a great way for Barack Obama to tell people about the great things he’s done and to show the world, just because you’re the leader of the “free world” it doesn’t mean you have to be a stick in the mud. I love showing this side of us in the media. Kind hearted, fun, funny, Human! President Barack Obama, Jimmy Fallon and the band even made jokes about Donald Trump, it was hilarious! Counting the days until he is out of office, it was when President Obama said;

“…Daddy’s got a Hawaiian vacation booked…”

that sent me into shock! I love my president! Watch;

Further into humor, President Obama and Jimmy Fallon took to “thank you” notes and it was so endearing, hilarious, and true! Barack Obama is a hoot! I wonder what in the world he is thinking of doing after office? During his interview he reiterated he and First Lady Michelle Obama will be vacationing some place warm, and that he’d get sleep. Staying in DC, I hope Michelle and Barack join entertainment in some way, I think id be great. Or simply go away and live their lives. Either way these thank you notes are funny!!! Another shot at Donald, clean and needed;


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