Kevin Hart Will Launch His Own Comedy Network “Laugh Out Loud” Similar To NETFLIX


A Comedic Mogul In The Making. ..

Kevin Hart launches “Laugh Out Loud”, a network streaming service. Much like NETFLIX, Laugh Out Loud will feature videos, movies, and comedy specials, a platform you can subscribe to. But unlike NETFLIX this network is geared towards comedy, and for comedians. Its a historic moment in comedic history.

Not many powerful comedians have given opportunity to comedians on the rise, or fallen comedians going through the ups and downs of the business. Laugh Out Loud promises to give comedians ownership for their efforts, a platform, and a home, which is more than what any comedian gets anywhere else in television and film.

According to Variety Kevin Hart and Lionsgate will partner to create this network;

“Lionsgate has always been a great partner of mine, and I’m more than excited to take our business and creative relationship to new levels….I understand the direction in which the television business is headed, and I see this big new space toward which audiences are starting to gravitate. I believe that launching this venture together now puts us ahead of the pack.”

Kevin Hart plans to find new comedians, and have comedians who’ve publically shamed him to also join the network to have a platform. It takes an amazing Being to give a platform to those who’ve spewed lies, and rumors about you, but thats just a small indication of Kevin’s Hart. Hartbeat Digital will shoot about 60 comedy specials this summer.

Kevin Hart is producing, filming, and funding the entire operation and he’s even willing to pay comedians who’ve gone to other networks to show and produce their comedy specials by matching the networks fee and doing something the networks would never do, give them ownership! In this business, just because you see someone on television doesn’t mean they own anything they are entertaining you with. Kevin plans to change that, starting with home base, comedy. He talks more on The Breakfast Club;

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  1. Great idea. Platforms like this can help guide the Youth in a positive way. Moreover they could want to get their own similar “station” & become an entreprenuer. God bless

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