Stream Alicia Keys New Single “Hallelujah” A Raw Classic Rhythm & Blues Masterpiece

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Alicia Keys Is G.O.A.T


Alicia Keys released her new single “Hallelujah” off her upcoming album. The first single “In Common” is a mixed fusion of sounds that’s reminiscent of early Alicia Keys reggie influence. Hallelujah is a masterpiece! It’s a passionate song with raw vocals from Alicia that inspires the listener to play it again, and again. Dare I say one of her greatest records yet;

“There’s a hole in my heart I’ve been hiding
I’ve been strong for so long that I’m blind
Is there a place I can go where the lonely river flows?
Where fear ends and faith begins

Hallelujah, hallelujah, let me in
I’ve been praying but I’m paying for my sins
Won’t you give me a sign if I lose my mind?
Woah, hallelujah, let me in”

A Passionate record with a strong pulse that will make the listener clap, chat, and join in on the power behind this record. A raw new look, natural, added with raw vocals? This is a classic record full of passion and expression, a faith based record asking God for help it truly will be timeless;

See Her Perform “Hallelujah” Live

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