Watch Erykah Badu & Robert Glasper “So Long” Music Video A Humorous Vintage Experience


The Queen Reigns Supreme!

Erykah Badu and Robert Glasper team up to release “So Long” [That’s What She Said] a musical film directed by Erykah Badu. The film is directed by Erykah Badu under her new production company with boyfriend Carl Jones. The song “So Long, That’s What She Said” which Erykah Badu and Robert Glasper performed live on Buzzfeed last year, was pulled from the record “Maiysha (So Long)” from Miles Davis & Robert Glasper’s “Everything Is Beautiful” album. “Maiysha” being a Miles Davis classic from “Get Up With It”. Robert Glasper who’d been working on the record and recreation of Miles Davis’s music in conjunction with the new Miles Davis film “Miles Apart”, teamed up with Erykah Badu (again) to create this masterpiece;

Robert On Erykah;

“We sat down for a few days before she came up with the idea of a bossa nova, and Vincent [Wilburn Jr., Davis’ nephew and Eighties-era drummer] recommended using ‘Maiysha,’ which comes from {Miles Davis} the mid-Seventies and has this beautiful trumpet solo by Miles…That was on a Wednesday night, and it all fell into place quickly after that: Sony sent us the multis so we could isolate different parts of the song, she wrote original lyrics and sang her part, and boom, boom, boom—by Friday, 85 percent of the track was done.”

The Queen Badu, featured on Robert Glasper’s record, turned this legendary collaboration to a mini film, vintage experience. Being the actress that she is, a hilarious human being, and over all Soul artist its no wonder this music video/song pops the way it does. Erykah introduces “Sarah Bellam” one of the many names Erykah often goes by, but this time she brings the character to life. Sarah Bellam a high strung, extreme impressionist with a confusing simple rage that is seemingly brought on by her need for artistic greatness. It’s some of Erykah’s best work, and Robert Glasper proves yet again why he is this generations most effective and proficient musicians;



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