Fantasia “Sleeping With The One I Love” Music Video Her Best Yet & Derek Blanks Best Work To Date


Fantasia The Actress?

Fantasia’s latest video “Sleeping With The One I Love” premiered during the BET Awards June 26th 2016. The video is perfection! It shows just how skilled and talented Fantasia is. Fantasia Is An Actress. While many negate her credentials as; “a singer who’s acting in a movie for ratings” Fantasia understands what it means to get into character and become. This video shows just that. She plays several characters in her mini film (Brenda, Pauletta, Fantasia, and Rox), which seems to be the theme of artist now-a-days, don’t just release a music video, release a story, which I love. Fantasia hires the skillful director Derek Blanks who truly did some of his best work in this music video. Having Fantasia play several characters and piece them all together that it looks seamless is a very difficult thing to do, and Derek Blanks, and Fantasia pulled it off.

The acting was great, and it fit the record perfectly. A clear ode to the hit broadway musical “Chicago’ its the perfect theme for Fantasia’s new Rock Soul musical style. Dancing, moving, energy and power proving once again why she is not just a hired actress, but an accomplished thespian and broadway star;

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  1. Fantasia has come a long way, and I believe that she’s gotten her confidence back. She’s finally found happiness and she’s loving life. I’ve lived this story before, so this song hits home for me. I love the music, arrangement, production, and of course the vocals, acting, and Fantasia’s beauty. Thanks for bringing real music back, Fantasia!

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