Junes Diary “L.A.N.C.E” Music Video Is Girl Group Realness Kelly Rowland’s Super-Group Has A Hit


Junes Diary Is Here To Stay

Kelly Rowlands super girl group Junes Diary premiered their debut music video at the 2016 BET Awards. Their debut single “LANCE” is an uptempo pop and b sound that presents a strong message to women about loving themselves and having self worth when it comes to men who cheat and lie. A super group of singing, dancing, and talented women who can pretty much do it all.

The music video is perfect, it reminds me of the 90s videos where everyone seemed to be in a world of fun, hanging out, talking shit, singing, dancing, a life full of easy. Junes Diary may have a hit on their hands, but one thing’s for sure. ..they are here to stay;

Why Junes Diary?

“June has been a really special month for us, we had a really great spiritual connection…..we shot our first video, we dropped our single, we’re attending the BET awards…June has been a really special month for us….And Diary is just us telling our story and writing a different page every single day….we’re writing a book and we want you to read every single page of it…”

#SOULdiers Are We Fans?

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