Frank Ocean Teases New Album/Single “Boys Don’t Cry” This Year With Cryptic Message Via Website


Is He Back?

Frank Ocean recently released a library card on his website. The card has many dates some crossed out, and some not. Fans are wondering if this means his album “Boys Don’t Cry” which he promised in 2015, will be coming out this year. Its been a long time since we’ve seen Frank Ocean as a solo artist, but true art takes time. While Frank has been writing music and being featured on various albums, its about time he releases something new.

The card shows a July 2016 date thats blurred, maybe this month, we will get something?



Frank Ocean continues the mystery, which we love, but hate! TheBLACKMedia does not cover rumors, but the image below shows Frank in his new album cover, and hopefully we get it this week, either way TheBLACKMedia will let you know! Check it out;



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