“Darker Skin Tones” Angela Bassett Teams With Dr. Sturm For New Skin-Care Line Launching Soon


Skin Care For Darker Women. ..

Angela Bassett teams up with Dr. Barbra Sturm “Darker Skin Tones” a skin-care line developed for Women of colour. Who better else to promote a product then a 57 year old Woman who looks like she’s 30? Angela Bassett is the quintessential decadeian (a term coined/created by TheBLACKMedia meaning 50 and over) she is accomplished, beautiful, and that melanin of hers glows so beautifully the sun gets jealous, hiding behind the clouds from time to time.

Angela Bassett, who’d been having skin issues, through a mutual friend, met Dr. Strum. Once she used her products Strum and Bassett decided to create something new. It took over two years for Dr. Strum and Angela to develop a product that worked for that #BLACKGIRLMAGIC. After two years, they are bringing us, exclusively sold online and in stores at Harrod possibly this July “Darker Skin Tones”;

“Darker Skin Tones by Dr. Barbara Sturm,” the line contains ingredients that aim to help the skin, reduce inflammations, even the tone and minimize pores and hyper-pigmentation…The five-item range includes a 150-ml. foam cleanser; a 75-gram enzyme cleanser; a 50-ml. face cream; a 50-ml. face cream rich, and a 30-ml. hyaluronic serum. It is priced from 40 pounds, or $58, for a cleanser to 230 pounds, or $335, for a hyaluronic serum. It will be sold exclusively at Harrods in-store and online in July…..Bassett and Sturm noted that developing a range for teens is on the horizon. “I think the underlining problem starts with the teenage years,” said Sturm. “We have to find something just a little more affordable and start at an early age and give them something that they don’t even have to deal with the symptoms in later age.”


“[I Want People To Be Aware Of Their Skin]… to see what is good for it and ingredients that are helpful — and not invasive or irritating. I like them to be pleased when they look in the mirror, to feel good about themselves and the condition of their complexion.”

#SOULdiers, Would you purchase this product? I would, I absolutely need something specifically for my skin tone and face.

– :) Thanks For Reading #SOULdiers


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