“The Black Woman Is God” Artist Yetunde Olagbaju SOMArts Feature Shows Amerikkka’s Secret Truth

Mammy, Mammy #2

Powerful Image Stills. ..

Artist Yetunde Olagbaju was recently featured in SOMArts exhibition “The Black Woman Is God: Reprogramming That God Code” and she submitted a piece that speaks to Amerikkka and the truths that secret the past. She is a visionary with a coveted eye for unapologetic art reality. She is Queen. With everything happening with the murdering of Afrikan men in Amerikkka at the hands of white cops, these image stills are what many need to see to understand the country they live in, the truth about it.

About Yetunde;

“Yetunde is a multidisciplinary artist and collaborator currently residing in Oakland, CA. Through her work she concerns herself with concepts of  source, emotional labor, origin, vulnerability, and human connection. By utilizing various mediums she aims to illuminate paths of deep emotional kinship and cosmic mirroring. This is all with the desire to bridge the past with the present-future.”

Jesse Williams recently and briefly spoke about Black Women in Amerikkka during his powerful 2016 BET Awards speech. Jesse exclaims the truth;

“Now, this is also in particular for the black women in particular who have spent their lifetimes dedicated to nurturing everyone before themselves. We can and will do better for you.”

Jesse Williams, and Yetunde Olagbaju understand that Art imitates life and you cannot ignore the truth. When you ignore the truth, your art has no soul. The truth is, Afrikan Slaves, women, nurtured Amerikkka. Afrikan Slaves were forced to cook, clean, teach, raise, and many times breast feed white children who’s slave owners were incapable of doing so. White women, who were basically powerless to white men until the women’s suffrage movement, did not know how to care for a child, as a woman was made to be arm candy for a man, his sexual pleasure, and the delegator of the house. If you’re consistently delegating you start to forget the basic needs for keeping a house in order, cleaning a child, knowing when a baby needs to eat, sleep, and be cared for. And still Afrikan Slaves had to take care of themselves, their “husbands”, and children. ..it’s like a never ending work cycle that still occurs today. Women are still mistreated and seen as the lesser sex, I say, Women are more powerful then we want to admit. I admit it, I know the truth!

Mammy, Mammy #1

It’s 2016, and all of those white babies who were nurtured, and cared for by Afrikan Slaves whom would not be alive today and well if not for their humble help, are now politicians, teachers, policemen, actors, etc. Thriving in a society that was built by the slaves, and cared for by the slaves, and still, an Afrikan American woman is on the bottom of the totem pole. Why?

#SOULdiers, Answer that. ..

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