EVE Beautifully Featured In The Coveteur Talks New Tour & Acting; “I Didn’t Want To Act At All” Read More


Still Knocking Down Doors. ..

EVE interviews with “The Coveteur” a beautiful feature capturing her beauty, essence, fashion, and iconic style. EVE who’s on tour with Gwen Stefani shares her excitement for this being her re-introduction to touring and the hiphop industry. While EVE released new music back in 2013 with “Lip Lock” which garnered viral videos such as “EVE”, “She Bad Bad” and “Make It Out This Town”, the tour life, new music, and physically getting her face back to the public is exciting for EVE and she’s experiencing some of the best times yet.


“Even just getting on the bus yesterday, I was so excited. I was like, ‘Oh my god, my bus!’ Now, my dog is with me and that’s so fun. My first tour I ever did, I had a dog with me. So, it’s kind of a nice, nostalgic kind of thing. I’m looking forward to the entire experience. My crew is amazing. Everyone has an amazing attitude. We’re just excited and it’s a nice feeling.”

Well known for her successful acting career holding her town television series “EVE” for three years, appearing in hit movies like the Barbershop franchise, and featuring in spots on hit shows like; “Glee” and “Single Ladies” EVE says she did not want to act.


“I didn’t want to act at all. When I started getting offers, I was like that’s never going to happen. And then my manager was just like, ‘Get an acting coach.’ And I said, ‘Ok.’ So I got this one acting coach and she was like, ‘Look, every time you do a video, you’re acting.’ And then that completely changed my whole idea of it. And I was like, ‘okay, that makes sense.’ She slowly brought me into it and then I fell in love with it. I still get so nervous when I’m about to go on set. It’s not second nature the way singing is for me, so there’s nerves. Bu, I love it and I always want to do a good job. They’re good nerves because I want to rise to that challenge.”

A huge lesson to learn from all new actors and aspiring entertainers. You may be thrusted into your destiny, and you may not want to do it, but giving it a try and doing the work can get you far. EVE didn’t just take offers, she studied acting, discovered a passion and love for it, and it manifested into a great career!

Known for her iconic tattoos EVE says her tattoos tell a story;

“All my tattoos are stories for me. I remember what country, what city [I got them in.] I have one right here that is a Japanese symbol and I thought it meant “Evil Eve,” which is what my uncles used to call me when I was little because I used to pout a lot. I was such a snotty little kid. So I got that and then I went to Japan and this woman was like, ‘Aw, tiger!’ And I was like, ‘No, Evil!’ And she literally gave me the face like, ‘No bitch, I’m Japanese.’ It was crazy. And then it made more sense and as I got older, I’m glad that it doesn’t say evil. I’m glad it’s just tiger and not something nuts, it worked out well.”

Check out some of the amazing shots from her shoot by Jake Rosenberg. Breath takingly beautiful;

#SOULdiers EVE Is Queen is she not?!

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