Watch India.Arie Walk Into A Music Store & Randomly Sing New Song An Impromptu Jam Session


Like No One Else Can. ..

     India.Arie posts a video of her in a music store having a random jam session with writing partner Shannon Sanders singing what many believe based on the hashtag is her new song “Follow The Sun”. At first listen you think she’s singing a record that’s been released already, covering it, having fun, but when you realize this is not only a new record, but it’s possibly a preview of her new album to come, you think. ..oh my gosh! For a song to sound so timeless, but it’s new. ..Im ready for this new album.

India and has a simple relationship and when asked about her record she replied;

Screen Shot 2016-07-21 at 5.01.10 PM

India.Arie will be releasing a new record and music video soon titled Breathe more info here. ..

“Shooting Star…Where Are You Going? So Fast So Far, Are You Burning Or Glowing?”


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