#BOOKED Laverne Cox Stars In The Remake Of The Legendary “ROCKY HORROR PICTURE SHOW” Watch Trailer


She Is Becoming. ..

     Laverne Cox stars in FOX’s remake of the cult classic “Rocky Horror Picture Show”. The remake airs this fall October 31st on FOX with Laverne Cox in the legendary role of Dr. Frank-N-Futer originally helmed by the legendary Tim Curry. It’s an amazing time to be Laverne Cox, a leader in the trans community, an actress, an activist, and producer, she is becoming a mega super star!

The original Rocky Horror Picture Show was a low budget film that grossed over 100 million dollars, its also the longest running film in theaters to this date! In the 70s when the film was released it garnered a cult following where movie goers would dress up as the characters of the film, and become actively involved with the film during viewing in the theater. This sparked what many know today as the mega film cult classic and the fans are still here for it! It’s also one of the first films that introduced the world to Trans people, which sparked much controversy, but also support. Why wouldn’t it? Did you see this unbelievable trailer?!



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