Watch Rapper Common Captured Dancing 80s Dances Like “New Edition” & Getting DOWN

Not So Common

      Rapper Common was recently captured dancing some good ol’ fashion 80s dance moves. After seeing “New Edition” during the Essence Fest Common came back to his hotel room and got busy! Isn’t it beautiful to see your favorite rapper, after all the hard core raps, the serious grills, and the hiphop game of lyricism and seriousness just cut a rug and get silly like the rest of us?!


“After seeing New Edition, I’ve been working on my moves!”

It’s important to see men of colour like the above video more often, vs the typical angry or perception of angry like photographed in the picture below. The world already perceives us as angry animals and while it’s not our job to convince others of our magic, it doesn’t hurt to see our joy. While Common has always giving us the light, it’s still great to see, and hilarious too.


#SOULdiers AGREE?!

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