Keke Wyatt Covers “What’s Going On” Tribute To The Countrywide Injustices #BLACKLiVESMATTER

What’s Going On?

     Keke Wyatt along with brother Keever West cover Marvin Gayes; “What’s Going On” as apart of the Keke Wyatt Covers series. Considering the state of the world today, Keke thought it best to show the world, through song, she cares, she see’s it, and it’s not right, creating a newer rendition of the record asking the humbling question…What’s going on?! With the hashtag #StayWoke it’s important that Keke’s message gets across. Once you’ve been awaken, never fall back to sleep.

Keke’s Statement;

“Keke Wyatt is featuring her gifted and very talented brother Keever West (who also directed the video). The two deliver a beautiful acoustic rendition of Marvin Gaye’s “What’s Going On”. The spin on this classic hit is very touching considering the timing and state of the country. Sit back watch, listen, and enjoy the simplicity of an acoustic guitar and two unbelievable vocalists as they take you on an emotional ride that begs the question; What’s really going on?”

SideNote: Can we just bask in her brothers voice being equally as anointed as hers?! Amazing!!!



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