EXCLUSIVE: Former Video Vixen Turned Author & Scholar Pens Dramatic Novel “Eye On The Prize”


Vixen Turned Author

     Bo Marsh also known as Telli was once an in demand video vixen, but like most young teen vixens in the early 00’s she quickly realized her dreams of becoming an actor wasn’t going to happen using this path. Bo Marsh thought she had a plan, do a few music videos, get noticed, build a name, and the roles and offers would come, but like most wide eyed vixens she realized it was a dead end and decided to go back to college and make her dreams come true a different way.

After appearing in music videos featuring artist like; 50 Cent, Ja Rule, Dave Matthews Band, and R Kelly, and covering Mens magazines like Black Men’s Swim Suit Extra Telli decided to change her stage name and go by Bo Marsh an author who received her masters degree in 2008 from Keiser University. Bo penned an uplifting, and eye opening novel titled “Eye On The Prize” a dramatic novel that follows the story of a single female who lost her way;

Eye On The Prize;

Kiley Templton, a single African- American female, who from the outside seemed to be beautiful and assured but longed from a more fruitful prosperous life. She was now 26 and was about to fall in love with beauty, money, darkness, lies, and evil. 

Kiley was just any ordinary MBA grad working in a dead end job living pay check to pay check. She was very attractive but not a supermodel skinny but on the contrary she had olive skin, light eyes, and an eye catching figure. She walked with confidence, had amazing figure, but troubled hurt. She often twirled her hair when nervous or when thinking heavily. She worked in human resources but often felt like she was a machine not living. She was confused…Purchase Book Here

TheBLACKMedia.org interviewed Bo to further understand her journey.

What Made You Quit Video Vixening?

“I wanted something that offered more longevity. Ultimately, being a vixen is just about looks. I wanted something that expanded my knowledge.”

How Did You Get Started In Music Videos?

“I got started in Music videos after a talent manager approach me when I was attending Miami Dade on campus. He said I had an exotic look and he wanted to help manage me and I started doing music videos a couple months later.” (Bo In Sisqo’s Can I Live)

What made you change careers?

“I changed careers because I felt being in music videos [was not] my real passion. I was passionate about acting but I wanted to have more stability in my life. I felt people automatically judge you morally and your level of intelligence when you have that career path.”

What Sparked you to write a book?

“I wanted to write because I enjoy making up stories in my mind and then bringing it to life on paper.” (Bo In Ja Rules Music Video Below)

What advice would you give ex vixens?

“The only advice I think I could give is never compromise yourself for a dollar and have a back-up plan.”

How important is a college degree in 2016?

“A degree is important depending on the person and their future goals. If you are a Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc. you may not need a degree, [but] I don’t know many people who are that blessed. Its important to have role models but remember [everyone’s] path is different.”

Wise words from Bo Marsh, author, scholar, and testifier with a story to tell and many more to write. That’s why Bo Marsh is our new artist ON THE RISE! You can purchase her Ebook Novel “Eye On The Prize” for only 5 dollars on Amazon today! Bo is an inspiration to all, beauty, brains, and creativity. What more could you ask for?

Click To Purchase “Eye On The Prize”


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