R&B Singer Tweet Speaks On Dating Pastor Jamal Bryant Church Folk Say “Im Not Godly Enough”


Tweet and Pastor Jamal Bryant announced their relationship on national television this past week on The Preachers. It came to a surprise for many, but for the wrong reasons. Many were shocked that Tweet and Pastor Bryant were in a relationship because he’s a Pastor and she’s an R&B singer, as if Pastors don’t listen to music.

I was shocked, but not for that reason, shocked because Tweet strikes me as the kind of woman who’d already have a husband, and vice versa with the Pastor. Either way, it was Tweet criticism from “Church-Goers”, and notice I said “Church-Goers” and not Christians, who had something to say about her dating a Pastor.


“Dealing with Church people that say because I’m an R&B singer I’m not Godly enough to be with him….”

It’s always “Church-Goers” who’s opinions greatly effect their blessings. If you are always boisterous about what others are doing with their lives having not one incline as to what it is someone else is actually doing, how then can you receive your blessings? Simply put, most church-goers need to mind their business and keep God in their focus and not man, the end goal is God, and until they learn that…well let’s just say, minding your business is the way to life. Many left comments about the Pastor’s past infidelities with his ex-wife in fear Tweet would too succumb to his ways, but again, that’s between the two of them. Sometimes cheaters can change, and with God anything is possible, I’m sure Tweet is smart enough to know what she’s doing.

Watch Below;


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