Watch Keke Palmer Hilariously Explain Her “…But The Gag Is” Trend #ThatsTheGag A Trail Blazer


Keek Tha Sneak

     Keke Palmer is always ahead of the curve, with her new movement, BUT THE GAG IS… Keke Palmer has set herself up for a lifetime of jokes, fun, humor, and unity amongst social media users, but the gag is…we already loved her anyway. Keke Palmer, a heavy snapchat user, started gathering the kids (her supporters) together when she started releasing a series of videos talking about the gag.

What is the gag?

The gag is just another way to say situation. It’s a more humorous way to articulate your thoughts. It’s slang, a form of English that Afrikan Americans created as a national and international dialect that culturally defines the way we communicate with each other in which many do not understand.

Knowing this, Keke Palmer went on national television to help many understand what THE GAG IS…but the gag is, they still didn’t get it! Everything is not for everyone, but I’m glad Keke is at the helm of this new trend, this movement, I’m loving it as an ode to Black Women of the 50s and 60s and their expressive ways. Its important to note where it came from before they start stealing it and calling it something else, but the gag is…they’ve already tried, and failed.


The Gag In Action;


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