It’s Official: Ray J And Princess Love Gets Married Ray J Says “She’s The One”


Love Is In The Air

Ray J and long time girlfriend Princess Love gets married! The two can be seen on Love and Hiphop in what often appears to be tumultuous disagreements. Its as love goes, nothing kept them apart, and now they are bonded by God. It’s great to see love in this form, two beautiful people who wouldn’t have issues finding someone else deciding to join together in marriage for a lifetime, its amazing. The two even did a music video together.

Ray J;

“I just want her to have the time of her life and remember it as the best day in the world,” Ray J told PEOPLE ahead of the wedding. “Even when I wasn’t with her, I told my friends ‘She the one, she the one.’ It was just something about how I felt when she was around me.” 


“He’s the only person I’ve ever been with that I couldn’t see myself without,”

The marriage will premiere on the new season of Love and Hiphop. Photos;

#SOULdiers, Wasn’t this just darling?

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