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ATL’s Got Talent

     In an effort to bring R&B back and to keep the movement strong, super producer and grammy award winning Bryan Michael Cox and singer-songwriter Mylah teamed up to bring ATL a concert series titled; The Revival. Its one year anniversary was Sunday Aug 14th and they ended the series with a bang! Tiffany Evans was the headliner for the night, yes the teen star who’s record “Promise Ring” is still sung and played by many who adored her during their elementary and high school years. Don’t take my word for it, just check out her super fans who took a bus from Chicago, an 18 hour ride, just to meet Tiffany Evans, they even made T-shirts displaying the new name Tiffany Evans asked her fans to pick, in which the majority chose T-Ridah’s;

Nina Marie & Zachyra Tiffany Evans Super Fans

The night was full of great talent. The show opened with Mylah the host and co-founder who’s voice is angelic and style is so diva that you know she’s a singer way before she opens her mouth. She was amazing, singing original records and getting the crowd hype for the first performer. The opening performer was Dri Jack who is an Atlanta native, which is rare in ATL and she’s in college at Georgia State. An amazing beautiful talent who took the stage with force and had all of her supporters move to the front tapping people on the shoulder asking them to step aside because they had to see her talent. Dri performed cover songs and tore the house down, a great way to open the show. She ended her set with an original record, let’s just say, I’m a fan.


After Dri Jack performed Bobbi Storm hit the stage, and ohhhh my is her name exactly who she is as a performer. Her vocal control is out of this world giving the crowd amazing riffs, runs, and operatic highs and lows unlike anything you’d ever think could come from a live performance. It sounded like a studio recording. As a singer-songwriter myself, I had to check my ears to make sure it wasn’t a recording, and guess what? IT WASN’T! Bobbi, with her amazing short hair cut and unforgettable legs is truly a storm and I must have more of her.

     Vina Mills took the stage right before Tiffany Evans set and Vina truly puts the D in DIVA, but not in a negative way. Im talking hair flipping, dipping and doing it, aggression and sassiness that makes you scream even though you have no idea who she is! It was like she pulled you into her and said; “hell no you can’t leave” and you didn’t want to! Vina’s fans truly came for her, the crowded thickened heavily when she hit the stage and after she was done, while many stayed, many left, Vina is special.

Tiffany Evans finally took the stage and it was like a super star had entered the building. Her super fans who’d been outside waiting and chatting couldn’t wait to see Tiffany. One in particular was throwing bows to anybody that tried to get in front of him while Tiffany performed, his name? One word, Shaad! He was unforgettable as was Tiffany’s performance. While the other performers had lights on the entire time, Tiffany turned the lights off, and came on stage so epically everyone screamed. She performed her popular songs and songs from her latest EP “All Me” like; “On Sight feat. Fetty Wap” and “TMi”, but it was when she performed a “Promise Ring” snippet that everyone in the building couldn’t resist but sing along. Tiffany Evans is a star, and 80 percent of the crowd when asked, said they came to see Tiffany. Tiffany brings em out!

Dri Jack Performing At Centerstage. Photo By: Tahir Register

Revival is an amazing showcase which happens once a month, hosted by co-founders Mylah and Bryan Michael Cox, if you’re interested in performing, male, or female, email a high quality photo, short bio, and a LIVE clip of you performing in concert, or live, no studio recordings or mp3s allowed, you gotta be able to take the stage and show out, no auto tune. Email: TheRevivalATL@Gmail.com

Photos By; @TahirRegister

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