Its Official: Bad Boys 3 Is Coming 2018 – “Bad Boys For Life” Starring Martin Lawrence & Will Smith

Bad Boys 3

Bad Boys 3

Bad Boys 3 is on it’s way! Rumors surfaced about the third movie installment, which was once called “Bad Boys 3”. We were given Bad Boys, and Bad Boys 2, but now the third installment of the Bad Boys series will continue with “Bad Boys For Life” Jan 12th 2018, titled from the iconic scene in Bad Boys 2 said by Will Smith’s character;

Entertainment Weekly Reports Bad Boys 3;

“Sony has titled Bad Boys 3 as Bad Boys For Life, EW confirmed. The name change comes with the project moving closer to reality with a Jan. 12, 2018 release in mind, a source tells EW.

Despite the finality of the title, Bad Boys For Life has no bearing onBad Boys 4, a source tells EW. Bad Boys 4 is currently dated for July 3, 2019.”


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