BOSS Tyra Banks Will Be Teaching At Stanford University Project You: Building Your Brand & More


Professor Banks!

     Tyra Banks lands an amazing opportunity teaching at Stanford University alongside Allison Kluger a professor at Stanford with over 25 years of; “experience in broadcast media and entertainment, from network television to new media platforms including electronic retail, interactive television, and digital media”. Tyra Banks who’s known as one of the worlds first super models, owner of Bankable Productions which produced Americas Next Top Model, and her hit emmy award winning talk show The Tyra Banks Show. Tyra holds a Harvard business certificate from a three week business program, which shows many that she cares about what she’s doing and is ready to teach Stanford what she’s been successful at for years.

According to Wall Street Journal;

Tyra Banks wants the students to understand her teaching for two weeks will not be a celebrity stunt for advertising but an actual learning environment. She says; “If I see somebody not paying attention, I’m gonna call on them,”. Tyra Banks also wants to keep the students in todays social times, but focused so if they are going to tweet she says;  “tweet something I’ve said.”

Tyra Banks will be teaching Next May at Stanford University, and hopefully many more colleges to follow. I’d learn the business from Tyra, would you? Just call her professor Banks!


#SOULdiers, Wouldn’t You Register?! I hope she teaches a HBCUs!

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