Watch Kanye West’s 2016 VMA’s Speech And Music Video “Fade” Starring Teyana Taylor

Kanye West Delivered An Excited Speech & Amazing Video Performed By Teyana Taylor;

This is career highlighting for Teyana Taylor. Kanye West VMAS speech was one thing, but it was Teyana Taylor’s ode to the 80s and 90s films like “Flash Dance” and “Sleepwalker” that made the music video “FADE” soar to new heights. Teyana Taylor’s naturally beautiful body and dance skills kept us glued to the television, but her passion is what made us say, damn! Her husband even makes an appearance towards the end for a steamy shower scene. It was amazing!


Kanye West’s speech was quite confusing, but some points were important. Kanye brought up the violence in Chicago and he made an amazing comparison to give life to something people often misunderstand. Kanye’s comparison about feeling exhausted and wanting college to be over with that last month of school before you graduate compared to a kid seeing his friends dying was amazing! Sometimes based on your environment you just don’t feel like its worth it anymore…Amazing!


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